Fitness & Nutrition Dos & Don’ts with Phil from LeanSquad

With the lead up to your wedding involving so many other celebrations — bachelor and bachelorette parties, wedding and bridal showers, engagement parties, and (of course) many romantics dinners with your soon-to-be spouse — it can be really tough to stay on track with your diet and fitness regime to ensure you look and feel great on your wedding day.

On today’s episode, Aly is joined by leading fitness and nutrition expert Phil Mackenzie from LeanSquad to chat about the basics you should focus on, and the “advice” you may hear from others that you can ignore! Phil explains how far in advance you have to really focus on your diet and exercise (aka how long you can put it off for!) and goes into detail on the cardio vs strength debate and what will give you the results you want. He also gives his thoughts on the trending KETO and intermittent fasting diets, how to handle portion control, and how approaching your fitness with your partner is sometimes the best motivator there is.

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