Rings & Bling with Michael Hill Jewellery

Hey ladies! (And listen up, gents: this one is for you as well!) The process of selecting engagement and wedding rings that perfectly represent your unique bond can – and should – be an enjoyable experience that you share together. For this episode Aly is on the line with Stephanie and Emily from Michael Hill Jeweller in Australia. This international company boasts 40 years in the industry, so today’s guests are here to share their expertise with you lucky listeners.

Which styles would best suit your tastes, but also your life? Although we may initially be drawn to what is popular, we may need to consider whether our rings will also work with our occupations. We also need to love them forever! Maybe choosing ‘timeless’ over ‘trendy’ works for you? Or personalizing something vintage and meaningful? Aly shares her own story of how she actually had to redesign her ring after-the- fact… (this is definitely not recommended!) Whatever selection you make, keeping a few key tips in mind can help ensure you’ll love your rings for years to come and make sense for your real life adventures.

Today’s guests have insight on other super important shopping tips, including the ethics of where materials are sourced, “The Four Cs” (cut, colour, clarity, and carat), and how to start figuring out what the right style is for you. If you invest the time and thought now, your rings will make your hands and hearts happy for all of the blissful years to come.Thanks for listening! Make sure to follow Aly on Instagram @eventsbyaly for more tips & tricks to plan the wedding of your dreams.